Frequently asked questions

How can I apply to your institution?

In the menu under ‘first consultation’ you can register for an assessment appointment (first consultation) at a specific time on the days marked red in the calendar.

How do I get my login and password?

Login: Your e-mail address.
You will be issued a login and password after the initial consultation. If you forget you password you can reset it through a link in the login mask.

What criteria must I fulfil in order to participate in studies?

Grass pollen allergy, minimum age of 18 years, exclusion criteria in terms of health: documented and persistent asthma, severe cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy and confirmed occurrence of allergic shock reactions.

Where and how can I undergo an allergy test?

You can be tested for allergies in any of the allergy centres in Vienna, for instance at the “Allergiezentrum Wien West”, Hütteldorfer Strasse 46, 1150 Vienna, www.allergiezentrum.at

What types of studies are performed?

We perform mainly grass pollen studies. Medications are administered in the form of tablets, nasal sprays or as vaccines.

What is the duration of the studies?

The duration of the studies may vary. Our short studies last an average of 3 months, during which 6 to 10 visits to our centre are necessary. We however also perform long-term studies that extend over 2 to 4 years and usually don’t require sessions in the provocation chamber.

When are the studies conducted?

Our study season extends from the autumn to late spring. Studies are essentially conducted outside the main grass pollen season. A study day usually starts at 8.00 a.m. and ends at about 4 p.m. Visits without pollen provocation take approximately one to two hours.

How do I register for studies?

After a successful first consultation has been carried out you can register, with the access data provided (login/password), for a study project.

How can I find out about new studies?

All participants, with laboratory reports that are not more than a year old, are informed by e-mail as soon as a new study is released for registration.

Are there waiting lists for the studies?

In order to ensure that every proband receives the same chance to participate in a study we generally do not have waiting lists. We send out all e-mails with regard to studies at the same time.

Who commissions clinical trials?

Primarily the pharmaceutical industry, but also research institutions such as biotech companies, or universities concerned with the development of allergy and clinical immunology.

How can I contact the VCC?

Telephone: +43 (1) 789 56 04 or by E-Mail: info@vcc.

How do I get to the VCC?

Public transport: U3 Schweglerstrasse, tramway 49 or autobus 12A Huglgasse.