Clinical Studies

Along with medical progress comes the continual development of new and better therapies for allergic overreactions.

Safety & Security

Clinical studies proceed only after a positive vote from the responsible ethics committee and health authority. The ethics committee carefully scrutinises and investigates the scientific, medical and ethical aspects of the study and acts as the controlling body throughout the duration of the study. This serves to ensure the safety and security of study participants.

All clinical studies (Phase I – IV) in the VCC are conducted in conformance with GCP (Good Clinical Practice). These guidelines constitute an international standard for planning, executing, documenting and evaluating clinical studies. Furthermore, studies adhere to regulations insuring patient safety and regulations for the execution of clinical examinations proscribed in pharmaceutical law.

Medications, that show no or poor efficacy, cause excessive side effects or cause illness in cell or animal trials are not approved by health authorities and are not tested on our study participants. Participation in our allergy studies does not lead to the occurrence of new allergies.